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The launch ceremony of the app, hosted by the People"s Daily, features an impressive line-up of participants in Beijing on Nov 23, 2017. Liu Yongfu (fourth from right), director of the State Council Leading Group Office of Poverty Alleviation and Development, along with other officials and researchers. [Provided to]

In today"s technologically advancing world, harnessing the power of information could further help reduce the numbers of those living in poverty worldwide, said Chinese researchers at a launch ceremony of an app in Beijing on Thursday.

Developed by the Beijing-based People"s Daily, it is the country"s first app in Chinese that facilitates knowledge-sharing on poverty reduction.

The product is in response to the great determination in achieving the 2020 poverty relief target set by the nation, said Zhang Jianxing, vice-president of the newspaper group. He said that China has already set this goal as its top priority since reducing poverty is the primary goal of the UN"s 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

The number of Chinese people lifted out of poverty in the last 30 years accounts for more than 70 percent of the world"s total, according to a blue paper on poverty reduction released in Dec 2016.

These achievements not only can benefit China, but also bring experience to the world and make great contribution to global poverty reduction, said Li Guoxiang, director of Rural Development Institute at Chinese Academy of Social Sciences.

He said that China"s overall poverty reduction is going through a critical phase. The app features solutions on poverty-related issues and touching stories, thus serving as the positive power to help the poor fulfill the most difficult part of finishing the "last mile".

More people are using smartphones. "It is very accessible to have the information at hand," said Lei Ming, head of the Institute on Poverty Research at Peking University.

Practical contributions could be made to benefit the remote communities and the vulnerable groups nationwide as information gathered against the backdrop of the digital transformation centered on Internet Plus, added Lei

The app has so far published more than 400 articles and videos focused on anti-poverty projects and cases, according to the event organizer.

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